30% ICO Sales

24% Pre-ICO

15% Foundation Hold

10% Management

10% Development

6% Marketing

5% Donation

Total Supply of Tokens

10,000,000,000 Tokens

AXE Roadmap

AXE is a next level innovation in blockchain which is encompassing all aspects of Utility. AXE token going to be the fully licensed cryptocurrency under regulations of Fintech industry.

January 2018

Secret Token Sale (Sell 1.5billion coins)

March 2018

AXE Convention

March 2018

Founder Sale

April 2018

Angel Sale

April 2018

HKTDC International ICT Expo

April 2018

Pre Prc Sale

April 2018

AXE Family Meet Up Dinner Party

May 2018

Provide AXE My Account

May 2018

Pre Sale (Phase1)

May 2018

Pre Sale (Phase2)

June 2018

Pre Sale (Phase3)

June 2018

DUBAI Incentive Tour

June 2018

AXE Summit

August 2018

AXE Global ICO Sale

October 2018

List on Exchange

A/W 2018

AXE Wallet Release

A/W 2018

TouchPay Introduce AXE Settlement

A/W 2019

Launch AXEAR

What is AXE?

AXE token

AXE token is a Ethereum blockchain based ERC 20 token and work as a value asset market traded token on different exchanges. AXE token keeps its value based on all AXE applications popularity in world.

AXE mobile App

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AXE Financial Limited

AXE Financial Limited is the issuer of AXE token.
The activity report of AXE Financial Limited is as follows:

January, 2018

AXE Project initiated
The AXE token was born as liquidity token which is designed to ensure world's best liquidity and provide global scale aid to the society.

February, 2018

One World., Co, in Japan partnered with AXE to adopt AXE token as payment options to their EC-site "Touch Mall"

1st, March, 2018

AXE DUBAI Conference
50 investors from all over the world gathered for this conference

23-26th, March, 2018

AXE Japan Convention
・The Convention were held in 4 major cities in Japan, (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka). Total of 2,500 people participated in this convention
・The full scope of the AXE project was announced. Board members were gathered from Philippine, Cambodia, and Dubai headquarter.

April, 2018

AXEAR Project initiated
・The world's first cryptocurrency × AR (augmented reality technology) fusion
・Announced innovative business models that will be one of the bases to secure liquidity

13-14th, April, 2018

Exhibited at ICT EXPO in Hong Kong

17th, April, 2018

AXE meet up dinner in Tokyo, Japan
・Progress report on AXE project’s roadmap

27th, May, 2018

AXE convention in Seoul, South Korea
・300 people participated in this convention

28th, May, 2018

Energy generation development project was initiated
・Allianced with X-Turbines was formed
・Development support for hydroelectric power generation

21th, June, 2018

Invited and presented in China Blockchain Security Forum in Beijing, China

23-24th, June, 2018

・Presented AXE Project’s progress
・Announced further possibilities of market expansion centered around South Korea and China

30th, June, 2018

AXE Blockchain Summit in Tokyo, Japan
・AXE Project latest roadmap reports of progression
・Announced market expansion in South Korea and China

30th, June, 2018

Alliance with MOA Planet
・AXE allianced with major multi-payment system provider "MOA Planet., Inc" in South Korea.
・Announced adoption of AXE token into the MOA Planet’s payment system in South Korea and Japan.


It was founded for the vision to help society with the help of AXE token fund allocation for donation and the percentage of revenue in AXE solutions, ASF will do betterment to society.
Project Funding by ASF: XTurbines - Renewable Energy Development

AXE holders can choose the way to donate for people who truly need to get some help by using website and the donation will deliver to them directly by smart contract.

ASF is starting to donate foods, stationaries, educational system. In near future, ASF plans to build a school and donate used laptops for people to give them an opportunity to be a programmer who focused on blockchain technology.

Mainly ASF is focused on 8 Aids. 1. Humanitarian Aid, 2. Environmental Aid, 3. Technological development Aid, 4. Start-up Aid,
5. Medical Aid, 6. Educational Aid, 7. Animal protection Aid, 8. Energy development Aid

16th, February, 2018

Cambodia donation
Largest Orphanage in Cambodia
・Clean water and snacks

16th, February, 2018

Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Visited for donational support
AXE SEFICO Foundation provided donation to the largest orphanage in Cambodia.
We provided AXE T-shirts, goods, rice, clean water, foods, stationary goods, and donation.
We also gave gift of money to a job training school in Cambodia.

5th-6th, April, 2018

New Delhi, Indi
a Provided donation to orphanage school.
Donated AXE T-shirts, goods, rice and clean water, foods, stationary, and some funds to 150 people.

16th, May, 2018

Barangay, Philippines section 694
Donated 1,000 T-shirts, food, and clean water

End of May, 2018

Xturbines, Provided support for hydroelectric power generator development


AXE solutions try to put all possible queries in FAQ to serve you better.

AXE token is a Ethereum blockchain based ERC 20 token and work as a value asset market traded token on different exchanges. AXE token keeps its value based on all AXE applications popularity in world.
AXE PLATFORM to do some contribution to society through blockchain and creating a hyper ledger platform to make worldwide donations transparent and secure.
AXEAR is a next level Augment Reality based gaming for people to enjoy.
AXE GLOBAL WALLET is a Ethereum blockchain hot wallet and available to use on Web , Android and IOS . AXE Wallet works as a payment processor for AXE token.